Western and Japanese Swords.
ASA Swordworks is dedicated to providing
our customers with the finest production
and semi-production swords available on
the market today.  

Along with Angus Trim's current selection
of Western Sword models, ASA
Swordworks will be offering several new
models of  production Western swords as
well as several new customization options
for Western Swords unique to ASA

Angus Trim, well known for the quality
and durability of his Western swords, in
conjunction with ASA Swordworks
product manager Scott Irey has developed
a semi-production Japanese sword, the ATK.  
Angus and Scott are striving to develop a
reasonably priced semi-production
Japanese Sword that will be unparalleled
for performance, and finish in it's target
price range.  Several pre-production
blades have been completed and we are
very pleased with the results.  Keep an eye
out here for testimonials regarding this
very exciting new product.
Western Swords
Japanese Swords