About Us
We are ASA Swordworks, a small group
of dedicated sword craft people and
enthusiasts devoted to providing
absolutely the finest production and semi
production reproduction swords on the
market today.

We strive to produce historically
accurate reproductions of Western and
Japanese swords while delivering the
highest level of performance and
durability.  We achieve this by coupling
all the benefits that modern steels, heat
treat and hi-tech manufacturing methods
available today,  with old world
craftsmanship and sensibility.    

The crafstmen of old knew what made a
good sword and we don't see a need to
reinvent the wheel where balance, blade
geometry, fit and finish are concerned.  
We do however take advantage of steel
and manufacturing technology that was
not available to the craftsmen of old.  
This allows us to provide a historically
accurate sword with improved
performance and durability at a cost to
our customers that is well below that of
many modern custom sword makers